Which browser works best? Chrome, Firebox, Safari?

The easy answer is NOT Safari or old, unsupported browsers. Many online applications that have a high degree of user interaction are challenged to work without issues in Safari, and FairSplit.com is no exception. Please avoid using outdated, unsupported browsers such as Internet Explorer. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are recommended. Apple devices default to […]

FREE Shareable Inventory Questions

1/ Is it really free? Yes, you may make as many free accounts as you like, all managed through a single login.  Use for your business as a job management and sharing tool, or as a family to create a centralized place to list, organize and share information about the contents of a home. 2/ […]

Tips on Photo Upload – Use Photoshop or Paint to edit first

Photos, or appraisals or other documents may be uploaded to FairSplit to have as reference or to assign or associate with specific assets.  Here are some tips for preparing and uploading photos. Do all cropping and rotating before uploading.  Photoshop and Windows Paint programs definitely “hold” the changes in rotation when being uploaded.  Some, like […]

Do I have to have a photo associated with each asset?

Start with camera phone, or camera, legal pad, tape measure and pen. Go room by room, take notes by room, and photo the page for that room last.  Take photos of all things in each room, it doesn’t have to be of each item. It is not necessary to have a photo associated with each […]

Do the inventory apps or programs from other companies work?

1. If you already have an inventory taken through another company’s software or app, like KnowYourStuff, HomeZada or other insurance type inventory programs, most will have an Export Inventory function.  Export in excel or csv files and then follow the instructions in Upload Spreadsheet on FairSplit.com, Properties and Assets area. If the export from an […]