How does it work?

See how the free listing tools work for your family or your company serving families as appraisers, movers, or as the family executor. Then how a family can upgrade to our division tools to help figure out who gets what, and what can be sold or donated fairly. Click here to go to How it […]

Is the service legally binding?

The service can be used to create a legally binding distribution or division, but is not a legally binding service on its own. One would use the results as part of a broader legal execution of a division according to your specific state laws, provisions of a legal will, and often with the help of […]

What are the security measures adopted by FairSplit?

(Please note that some of the measures below only work against hackers in proportion to the strength of your password, so create good ones. Do not use a password that is a dictionary word, and include numbers or characters in addition to letters; this helps defend against a brute force attack.) We do not store […]

Do the inventory apps or programs from other companies work?

If you already have an inventory taken through another company’s software or app, like KnowYourStuff, HomeZada or other insurance type inventory programs, most will have an “Export Inventory” function. Export in Excel or CSV files and then follow the instructions in “Upload Spreadsheet” on, Properties and Assets area.  If you have associated photos or […]