What is the purpose of the 5 questions?

We want to determine an understanding of the concerns and goals of each Divisee. Our software is set up to provide tools best suited to keeping all parties confident in the system and that their wishes are being honored and valued equally with those of the Administrator and other participants.

What types of changes are affected by my answers?

As one example, if every participant is interested in a rapid division, and has no EV (Emotional Values) attached to items, we provide the fastest method in the fewest rounds. Obviously if there is emotional value for ANY of the parties for items, there is an Emotional Value division to ensure that is addressed.

Why is there an “I agree to abide by the results” statement?

The idea of the questions are to allow the Administrator to understand the concerns and preferences of Divisees and for Divisees to understand and verify their willingness to consciously commit to a fair and equitable division the FairSplit’s process provides, otherwise it isn’t going to work.