I’ll just start off by saying finding FairSplit was a Godsend. Our six siblings and had been split down the middle over various things that began with my father’s passing and ended with my mother’s about 18 mos later. The result of which caused a highly acrimonious situation that prevented us from coming together to finalize the division of my parent’s assets. We had already done a major weeding out of their 35 years lived in home before we even found FairSplit so we had about 200 items remaining to try and divide up. David was super helpful, kind, and courteous in explaining how the various programs worked, what would work best for us, and helped us to lay out a plan. Even monitoring a zoom meeting where we all participated for 2 rounds. My sister and I handled the inventory, picture taking, and uploading and I found it to be super easy to navigate. I have told multiple people about this program and have encouraged them to check it out EVEN if their family is not having the problems we had, FairSplit will make your life so much easier.