See FairSplit video on adding assets.

Usually, taking photos room by room and uploading to each room is best. Make the last photo of the room a sheet of notes, that may include rug or TV dimensions, artist name, etc., and it will be easier to segment in your photos to upload later. Create matching rooms in your division property and upload the photos into their perspective rooms. You may use the List Asset With Photo by editing the photo name.  This is a fast way to list all assets when a single photo is taken of each item.  You may also type asset names into the Properties and Assets grid while looking at the photos just above the entry name fields. If you need to see a photo in more detail, just click on it to enlarge. This goes fastest if you go through each room doing one category (furniture, art, etc.) then do the next, next until done. The User Guide has detailed instruction, tips and screen shots of best ways to enter assets and associate with photos.

Afterwards (where needed), assign photos to assets so Divisees will easily know which you were using. Please note that in estates and divorces, often the divisees are familiar with the items so it isn’t always necessary to actually associate a photo or photos with each and every item. Just having them available to view in rooms is often enough. Enter a good Asset Name since that is what users will see on their lists. They see the details only when clicking on the item. Ex.: Mahogany square center table with beveled glass is better than cocktail table.

Tip: If you have other family members willing to help, make give them Lister and Valuator Roles and let them do a few rooms! (You can remove those roles afterwards)

If you already have a list in Excel or CSV files from another inventory application, view the instructions in the “Upload Spreadsheets” to save duplicated work. Your full list will be populated. You will then want to associate photos or appraisals to those items