Other Services

Add-On Services to Division Plans

Independent Third-Party Administrator – Our founder, and FairSplit creator will serve as your family’s Independent Third-Party Administrator to coordinate, set-up and run division rounds to avoid any perceived or actual conflict of interest or advantage and for the experienced input. Cost varies by Plan Needed – Can be added to a Division order during check-out or from the Participants area.

List Assets from Photos – Help set up FairSplit Property and Rooms account, and help with a plan to photograph the assets, then create the asset list from those photos, putting in highly descriptive asset names and categorizing them. Not names like, table, or lamp; more like: rectangular walnut, wooden coffee table with glass insert. $100 per hour, generally runs .85 – $1 per item. (Contact FairSplit by phone or Support email to order)

Independent market values from photos – These are not appraisal level estimates, but are from experienced estimators eyeballing from their experience in estate sales, or usually looking up similar items in the “sold” histories at eBay, Craigslist, EBTH and other places with references included. We can do as you instruct, from all items, to those we think are likely above $50 or any level you choose. $125 per hour and usually averages around $2.00 per item. (Contact FairSplit by phone or Support email to order)

Mediation and Consulting – Our founder started FairSplit to reduce and avoid conflict in families dividing estates. To that end, David can be hired to help navigate the process, deal with contentious siblings or personality conflicts between heirs, etc.  He is experienced doing this now with many families over the past ten years and has been asked to help so often, he does so at $250 per hour when authorized and requested to do so. (Contact FairSplit by phone or Support email to arrange)

Photograph assets  – Local Help can come to your house to assist with photography, packing, shipping etc. See Local Help and Resources

Why Use Us, vs. Do it Yourself

First of all, FairSplit.com was set up with the instruction videos, the User Guide and with a process that you can absolutely do yourself, or together with your siblings.  Many of our customers find us, sign up and divide everything and we never hear from them.  Some find it is a time savings appreciated and money well spent by the estate to get the extra help.

There is no reason you should expect to be good at dividing an estate, or even getting things listed quickly or well.  There is also no reason you should have experience that would have you anticipating potential issue areas and how to avoid creating family conflict around the process. Very few people have had to do this before and are often thrust into the thankless job with no plan and no experience.  FairSplit was created to help, and this is what we do every day and have been doing and learning about since the company started in 2010.  Our experience helps.

In addition, the FairSplit team has become very fast and efficient at putting good asset names on items, categorizing them and putting fair market value estimates on things when needed.  We had so many requests to do this for families, and by trust officers, etc., we now offer it routinely.

And lastly, the burden of being executor or trustee can also include having to work with family members who may feel contentious, that have a challenging personal dynamic that makes it hard to navigate.  At this point David MacMahan, founder of FairSplit can still be hired to serve as a buffer, mediator and peacemaker and has now done so for many families as it specifically relates to dividing personal property.