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Could Your Company Benefit from Co-Branding the FREE AI Home Inventory?

Looking for meaningful ways to add value to your customers? Provide transparency and efficiency for listing, tracking, estimating and sharing a home’s contents, with an amazing AI component that will save time and wow your customers!  

Many life events create an overwhelming task needed to catalog the contents of their home.  People need things listed for many reasons, including estate planning, settlement, moving, insurance documentation, divorce, or simply fun collections.  The AI generated Inventory is FREE, in your brand in a 5 minute set-up.  Our online platform allows one to upload photos, documents, list, value, categorize, organize, manage, and share in their private account.  Want us to do the listing, validate AI market value estimates, edit any issues with the AI listings or help divide personal property as we have done for over a decade? We can do it, and let you continue to do what you do best. 

Which Program is right for My Company?

If you are a local realtor, law firm, fiduciary, probate professional, move manager, organizer, etc. the Local Agent Co-Branding should work.  If you are a national brand or large firm with area offices, you may want to have your major brand and logo on all accounts, using Corporate Sponsor Co-Branding, then have your local agents create their own area within that account.

Local Co-Branded Agents

Imagine being able to create, or share the free AI home inventory tool with your clients as an added value and differentiator for your company.

Co-Branded Corp. Sponsor

National Brands, and those with area or local agents can have your brand, and your local agents on all home inventory pages and reports. Added benefit to offer all clients.

Local Helpers

Sometimes clients and agents need assistance with photography, or to help pack, ship, clear or move. Sign up as a Local Agent and join our Affiliate program as well.

Local Co-Branding Summary Video

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Best ways to photograph house contents and which photos get submitted to AI for listing

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To assist professionals co-branded, we provide:

  • Training videos and webinars and full email and scheduled phone support
  • Discount Coupon Codes to extend to your clients for Corporate Sponsors
  • Affiliate commissions for online orders originating from a link on your site or from within co-branded accounts
  • Tiered Agency and Administrator management for firms wanting various staff running and accessing their own client’s divisions
  • Set-Up and Administrative collaboration for you and the User Administrator.
  • Full Reporting by Categories, Ownership and Sell or Donate Designation
  • Appraisal, document and photo attachment capability for all listed items
  • Free use of the AI tools integrated into the online inventory

What Our Partners Say

David has been great and very helpful as we have started to use FairSplit for dividing personal property for some of our recent estates. The FairSplit process has been very convenient, efficient, and transparent for clients/beneficiaries and the administrators.

John Colaw, Senior Vice President
Trust Officer at Houston Trust Company

Professionals Benefit from Co-Branding

Move Managers / Fiduciaries / Probate / Realtors

Wow your customers with comprehensive tool to quickly and easily create the home inventory list.  This makes it faster and easier for families to make the needed decisions for a home’s contents, for who gets what, what can be sold, moved, etc.

Personal Property Listing and Dividing Tools for Divorce Attorneys

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Estate Planning and Settlement Tool for Trust-Depts. / Estate Attorneys & Planners / CPAs

Practical Estate Planning Tools for rapid listing, sorting and sharing personal property between heirs The practical challenges of estate planning and the personal property is often just ignored due to the overwhelming task of listing the things.  That no longer needs to be true.

Estate division and settlement tools for Mediation

Practical Free and Paid online tools for Mediators to help ease the family discord in estate or divorce divisions. As a tool for mediation it puts all information available real time to all parties, providing transparency,, and more importantly, no need for in person meetings which can go poorly.

For more details on our FREE Shareable Inventory for your business.