FairSplit.com Explains Why Dividing Personal Property in-Person is Often a Mistake

Families often decide the best way to divide parents’ tangible personal property (furniture, accessories, art, jewelry, sentimental items) is to pick a date and time, then simply meet at the house to take turns choosing. Almost no one has experience doing it, and nearly everyone involved has a varying opinion of how it should be […]

FairSpilt Finds Dividing Personal Property After a Death is… Well,…Personal

    Families, in particular the executor of families or trustee, face a real challenge when it comes to dividing the personal property between heirs. Almost no one has experience doing it, and everyone involved has an opinion of how it should be done. FairSplit.com, the industry leader of dividing tangible personal property, has just […]

FairSplit.com Announces Collaboration with WealthCounsel

WealthCounsel, LLC, the industry leader in automated drafting software for trusts and estates attorneys, and FairSplit.com, innovator and creator of an online system for listing and sharing asset information for fair divisions in estate settlements, announce their collaboration to provide WealthCounsel’s attorney members and the general public with access to FairSplit.com’s platform and services by […]