Survey Insights From Thousands of Heirs Dividing Estates

Over the years we have asked heirs in divisions to complete a short survey to help provide insights to the Administrator / Executor of an estate division and for our own understanding of the concerns and motivations of those dividing estates.  For the first time we are sharing those results with the industry in the […]

5 Tips to Dividing Your Family Estate Peacefully

1. Remember everyone processes grief differently, and peoples’ attachment to the value (emotional value) of things isn’t always a reflection of caring more or less about the lost loved one. Some people really want, or must have things they can touch, see, smell…. that help them remember a person by. Others may find those reminders […]

Estate Settlement During COVID-19

Estate Settlement of personal property and tangible assets between heirs has always been one of the most challenging parts for families and professionals helping them.  Think about the typical solutions offered. Most all of them start with: “Get together at the house…… use Monopoly money, draw straws, have a mini auction, put stickers on things”.  […]

Valuable Things to do During Covid-19 Time at Home

Most of us have additional time at home due to Covid-19.  We are also gaining a realization that our mortality, and that of our elder loved ones is real; now is a unique opportunity to do things, not yet done.  Among those is de-cluttering our homes and culling things we don’t want and we are […]

Associate photos to uploaded spreadsheet for instant matching to assets

A new feature was recently added to make it even easier for families and professionals using FairSplit that like working with spreadsheets on location.  If you have taken photos of all of the home contents of an estate, then numbered them to match which item they go with on the spreadsheet, all of that work […]