Allows easy sharing of all contents of the home with your clients and their families to provide transparency and fairness when dividing between heirs.

The practical challenge of trying to provide a full estate division and house clearing service, or acting as executor with the challenges of listing all items, confirming all are accounted for, fairly valued and then divided to the satisfaction of all beneficiaries, is not easily accomplished. It has to be done before a house can be sold or probate settled, unless it all goes to storage creating a real challenge for later.  You may start by using the Online Inventory system that makes the information available to your entire team and any family you invite. If you are an appraiser, use FairSplit as the new way to easily provide appraisals to clients in a more user friendly way, not 3 inch thick binders of paper. FairSplit provides a secure, online solution to simplify this process with fairness:

Senior move managers, home organizers, appraisers, fiduciaries, accountants and liquidators are often called upon to assist in dealing with valuing, dividing and selling assets.  Funeral Home Directors are asked for help and guidance for “at-need” services overwhelming the family at the time of loss.  If the family only needs a way for all parties to see what is available to divide, the Free Shareable Home Inventory may be enough, but for many families we recommend helping them use the Division Packages.

Senior move managers, and organizers are asked to help downsize from the home to assisted living or smaller apartments.  Providing a way for distant children to be kept in the loop is achieved with the Shareable Inventory tools, and tracking what goes where, what can be sold or donated, and what is finally there at the new location helps include everyone involved, and provides a record that can be referred to if the person moved believes something was lost or taken later.  Did you know if you upload the photos of the items you want listed, FairSplit can do it faster and better, doing about 1 per minute, including associating photo and categorizing.  Contact us to learn more.

In death, even before anyone has thought about how to divide items of an estate, funeral home directors are often called upon to provide information of what survivors are to do next. Anxiety, emotions and general overwhelm are running high with all that has to be done in a short window. There are concerns that it all has to be done while everyone is together for the funeral. FairSplit provides you a new tool “at-need” tool to quell many of the emotional challenges, and an important new way you can provide service to your clients.

The parties are being asked to do something, having no experience in how to approach it. It can truly feel like more than a person is ready to bear. FairSplit is designed to remove key fears in the process, by providing an intuitive and fair way to create the asset list and more importantly, blind, fair ways of collaboratively dividing. was created to help those needing to divide and introduces the first ever combination of honoring both the Emotional and Monetary issues for all.

Particularly if you are assisting as a professional, and have experience with FairSplit, even issues like, shared time of a vacation home, etc. can all be listed as “assets” to be allocated with an even hand. FairSplit serves most effectively when used as a tool that a service professional uses to assist their clients. We provide training, and it can be co-branded if desired

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