A new feature was recently added to make it even easier for families and professionals using FairSplit that like working with spreadsheets on location.  If you have taken photos of all of the home contents of an estate, then numbered them to match which item they go with on the spreadsheet, all of that work is not lost.

The new FairSplit.com excel template download allows you to have a FILES column that can be photos, appraisal documents, etc.  This column can have the file name of the photo or photos (one per line) that you want associated with the line item of the asset.  Other columns are rooms, categories, market value, etc.  In the past, one had to find, match and associate each photo to the uploaded list of assets.

Now one only need to upload the excel spreadsheet https://s3.amazonaws.com/static-fairsplit/FairSplit-User-Guide.pdf into the FairSplit.com account.  Then upload all of the files and photos into unassigned.  They will instantly be put with the associated asset in Details, or by clicking on the paperclip icon.  If one wants to see all of the listed assets with photos next to each item, go to Reports, choose the one you need in HTML.  An option top right will ask what size photos you want to include with a check-box.  The report will then be created as a pdf file that can be printed or saved for future reference.