Dividing Blended Family EstatesA challenge in so many families today after a parent or parents die, is having a solution for fairness when dividing blended family estates and half-sibling estates or combinations of the two.  For some families, all of the children may feel equally a part of the same core family and are, and have been treated that way for all of their lives they can remember.  In others, there may have always been a clear divide felt and accepted. But upon the death of a parent, considerations never really thought much about come into play for all of the heirs.

Here is a short list of considerations faced when dividing blended family estates:

So many questions and no real linear path to fair distribution, but for the executor and kids, being aware of possible areas of upset, can help minimize the chance of that happening.  Blended families set the stage for old fears of favoritism, inadequacy, inferiority, unfair past treatment, current need, lack of need, etc.  The stage becomes set for more emotional conflict and resentment than families not battling the blended dynamic, but a bit of empathy, consideration and open approach can make all the difference.

FairSplit.com can’t solve all of the above issues; it is only software after all.  What it can provide is a platform and processes to execute whatever choices your family decides represents a fair approach. The Emotional Value round is particularly helpful to award items to those children that value them most for emotional reasons.  This can really take down the feeling of unfairness when set up to award those items first, to the winning bidder with their assigned emotional points. Fairsplit can ease emotions when dividing blended family estates.