divide things not familiesAfter a few years of brainstorming phrases, and looking at our previous tagline of “Asset Division Made Easy” staring back at me for years, it finally dawned on me, that “Asset Division Made Easy” is too clinical of a description of a very emotional process. It didn’t begin to address the big emotional value we wanted to provide users of the service in their family’s challenges in divisions. It also didn’t match what professionals in the service would say when hearing of the new service. They never said: “Oh good, we can create an inventory of assets faster now, great!” They talked about how it could benefit the families, reducing conflict and providing fair tools and a process, even if families were scattered across the country. “ Divide Things Not Families ” seemed so much better at describing our goals of the service and matching the feedback received about the anticipated value for everyone as we integrate Emotional Values and Monetary Values for fair divisions.

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