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How can FairSplit help with my Divorce Division?

FairSplit is most often used in divorce division to list and divide items accumulated over the years of a marriage like furniture, art and household items, but can also be used on all assets and liabilities’ assignments. Dividing major items are often determined by the rules of your state, or mutual agreement, like a house, retirement funds, debt, child support, spousal support, etc. For other items, FairSplit is a blind system, making it fair to both parties. Some key features our software offers:

  • Quick creation of household items list, and other assets and liabilities lists
  • Both parties and their representatives may access the list to validate
  • Methods of division determined by goals and concerns of both parties but include known division methods like Divide and Choose, Value and Choose, with an Emotional Value round used for the charged items initially.
  • Printable reports
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What are your Divorce Division Needs?

Collaborative Divorces

The FairSplit online tools can work very well with collaborative divorces, providing a user friendly system of easily listing the items to be divided, and methods to do so fairly and quickly. If thoughtfully applied, even holiday custody and vacation schedule decisions can be peacefully and fairly determined.

Contentious Divorces

Often a mediator or attorney familiar with the FairSplit system can help determine the list of what items and issues can best be divided this way. The system provides a way for an attorney to oversee the process or step back and let the parties do it on their own. The division should go more quickly and with less confrontation and emotional charge than typically encountered.

Legal Guidance

Divorce divisions should typically have the guidance of an attorney from your state. Rules vary by state and even county. FairSplit does not provide guidance in how a division should be done legally, only tools to help a division go smoothly once the items and allocation percentages are legally determined..

Emotional Guidance

We encourage all users of the FairSplit online system to remember that at one point you loved and cared for the person with whom you are dividing. If you have children together, how this dividing process plays out may affect your relationship with one another and your children for life. FairSplit doesn’t take sides or give unfair advantage to either party.

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